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Talk Without Rhythm Podcast - Episode 230: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), Small Soliders (1998), and Santo en la venganza de la momia (1970)

This week on Talk Without Rhythm I’m joined by Evan (aka “The Fat Kid” of Murf and the Fat Kid) and we’re getting down with Dante. Joe Dante that is. We take a look at 1990′s Gremlins 2: The New Batch (an essential film from my childhood) and 1998′s Small Soldiers (an essential film from Evan’s childhood). Evan also busts his Santo cherry as part of my El Año Del Santo as we watch 1970′s Santo en la venganza de la momia.



[02:07] Trick or Treat Radio Promo


  • Evan watches Power Rangers and Wing Chun.
  • El Goro watches Cloud Atlas, Banshee Chapter, The Master, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, El Santos vs. La Tetona, Mendoza, The Hole, and The 300 Spartans.
  • Audible Recommend: Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.

[41:31]  Santo en la venganza de la momia (1970)

[51:29] Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

[01:15:37] Small Soldiers (1998)

[01:41:59] FEEDBACK

[02:16:17] ENDING MUSIC: Don’t Feed After Midnight by Fondlecorpse

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Our buddies at the Old School Wrestling Podcast has released OSWP Season Three with episodes 76-100 with a couple bonus episodes. Get yours today! Visit

Our buddies at the Old School Wrestling Podcast has released OSWP Season Three with episodes 76-100 with a couple bonus episodes. Get yours today! Visit

But is he really dead?!

But is he really dead?!

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DVD Spotlight: Jessicka Havok: The Ultimate Collection

Thanks to the good people at HighSpots I received a copy of Jessicka Havok: The Ultimate Collection, it’s a three disc set collecting matches from WSU, Crossfire Wrestling, and Queens of Combat.

The first disc focuses on Havok’s WSU feud with Mercedes Martinez and the formation of The Midwest Militia with Havok, Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie. The highlight match on disc one is Jessicka Havok vs. Mercedes Martinez for the WSU World Championship. Both Havok and Martinez put each other through so much punishment to give the fans a match they will be talking about for a very long time.

On disc two you will find Havok in her Crossfire Wrestling days taking on the likes of Reby Sky, Jillian Hall and Angel Dust just to name a few. Disc three you have a couple Queens of Combat matches with Havok facing Sojo Bolt, and Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Neveah) vs. Taeler Hendrix & Sassy Stephie. Also featured in this set is a WSU match that some call a classic and it’s the match where Havok went one on one with Sami Callihan.

Overall, this set is great. It has a good collection of matches and will keep you wanting more from Jessicka Havok once disc three ends. Havok has become one of my favorite wrestlers over the past couple years, she has done great in Shine and Shimmer… It’s a buy!

For more information on Jessicka Havok visit

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New See No Evil 2 Clip And The Soskas Run Wild!

SoskasAnyone who even has heard of Drunken Zombie knows that we love the Soska Sisters.  I was super happy to finally see that a clip from their upcoming film SEE NO EVIL 2 for WWE has made its way online after their panel at SDCC yesterday.  I am super excited to check it out when it finally hits as I really enjoyed the first one and think it gets the cold shoulder when talked about in horror circles.  Check out the clip below and also see the kick ass clip they did for us because they are awesome.

On top of that they have been SUPER busy.  They have a segment in the upcoming ABCs OF DEATH 2 (which my short M is for Mushrooms did not make it into), a segment in the upcoming all female filmmaker horror anthology XX, they just finished shooting another WWE film VENDETTA, and finally they have just been attached to the film adaptation PAINKILLER JANE based on a comic created by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Phew!  How do these girls sleep?

And of course if you haven’t yet be sure to catch DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and AMERICAN MARY on your respective streaming service or DVD.

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Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Auditorium - You Died Last Night

Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Auditorium turns it’s attention to a human and an alien.  One stands helpless while the other decides the fate of the world!  From “Suspense!” comes the tale You Died Last Night!

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Interview With Michael Patterson On Earth Day: Zombie Apocalypse, Holidays Of The Dead (Part One)

I know him as the modern day Lon Chaney and the hardest working man in film and tonight you will know the name Michael Patterson… That’s right, The Massive One sat down with writer, actor, and award winning author Michael Patterson to talk about his 2012 zombie movie Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse, sequels and what’s next!

Michael, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, how are you doing this evening?

I’m great. Thanks for having me! How are you?

I’m doing fine, and thanks again for this interview.

Absolutely anytime for the Massive One!

My first question is…

Back in 2012 Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse was a huge hit. Tell me, what makes Earth Day different from every other straight to DVD zombie movie?

Ours was shot in a community college. Haha. No. Earth Day doesnt reinvent the wheel by any means in regards to zombie movies or horror comedy, but our biggest difference is that our characters don’t waste time coming to the understanding that these are zombies. That was on purpose, not just a time fix. They’ve grown up in this culture of zombie fascination, and they are prepared because who nowadays hasn’t daydreamed about what they’d do in the zombie apocalypse? We feed off that zeitgeist of everyone having a plan of attack, and in a lot of cases, how people get excited about it happening actually some day.

In that same year Earth Day was screened at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival, how was it seeing all your hard work up on the big screen in front of an audience?

It was one of the most nerve-wracking and surreal thing I’ve ever experienced. While we shot it, I had a couple moments of self-awareness (while walking between scenes wearing phone books on my shoulders) and giddiness that what I’d written was actually happening around me. In the editing process, you lose a little of that feeling, having to watch it over and over, but when it played at Drunken Zombie film fest, Mike and I just sat there, making sure the audience laughed when they were supposed to, HOPING they laughed at all, and if they’d like it or not. It’s a vulnerable moment to be honest, hoping that a room full of strangers likes a thing you’ve made, but it worked out really well.

Fast forward a couple years Earth Day: A Zombie Apocalypse got the green light for a sequel. And I know now-a-days sequels are all the rage, look at what Marvel is doing, but my question is… why a sequel and not original content?

A sequel was never my intention as I feel the same way about sequels that most people do, in that most times, they aren’t as good and they put a damper on the original. I had initially started working on a script for a completely different movie, but was convinced after a while, by the director that we should add on to the world we created in Earth Day, that way if for whatever reason we never get around to making a feature length film, we would have this thing out in the world to make up for that.

So I came up with Holidays of the Dead, as we decided that everything we show should happen on another random holiday. In the more I thought about it the more I needed something cohesive to bring them all together. So then it became a bridge from Earth Day 1 to Earth Day 2, which would take place a year later.

But I didn’t have room for everything that I wanted to do in the shorts, so I made the decision to make what would be Earth Day 2 into Earth Day 3. Because the story HAS a final resolution, and I needed space to set it up. And so I expanded the story for what became part 2.

Speaking of Earth Day 2: A Zombie Apocalypse, how far along are you into the production?

We’re almost half through principle photography. We’ve got a couple big filming dates that rely on coordinating with Sandburg mall’s zombie walk events in September, add to that aligning schedules with our actors, it’s slow moving but it’s moving. (And the official title is Earth Day 2: Holidays of the Dead)

If I may back track to your previous answer, it sounds like you are making (Batman) The Long Halloween, but in zombie apocalypse form.

Oh, if only it were so good! The story does jump forward in time like that with every segment, yes.

To Be Continued…

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Interview With Michael Patterson On Earth Day: Zombie Apocalypse, Holidays Of The Dead (Part Two)

I know in Earth Day you filmed in a college, will you be doing the same with Sandburg mall?

Yes and no. With Sandburg community college, we only had 2 days to film everything for the movie. This time around, thanks to the gracious operators and staff at the Sandburg mall, we’ve got as much time as we need. We’ve been given carte blanche over a majority of the space there, provided that we shoot either before or after hours. We’ve already had two shooting days there, and we plan on a quite a few more. This gives us the time to set up our shots and really get the look and feel we want. We’ve really struck gold with the mall. It’s been awesome.

Have you had any trouble with any of the stores not wanting you to film around their brands, will we see a Starbucks or Hot Topic in Earth Day 2?

Haha, not so much. We sat down with the operations manager and she mapped out where we could and couldn’t film. There are only a handful of major stores still in the mall, and we’ve been asked to keep them out for the sake of the mall and us as well. We made the decision that even the stores we can use, we’ve limited the exposure. You’ll see a couple stores in the background that are specific to this mall, but no big chains.

There’s a short list of writers and directors who have made cameos in their own films, why did you cast yourself?

It started as a matter of necessity, frankly. Mr. Body was basically Mike and I making a movie when we had time. We brought in our friend Phil as the body, but otherwise it was just us. I wrote Earth Day without any idea who was going to be in it. Mike knew of a couple actors but not 9 like the original script called for. In Earth Day, the people with speaking roles are the ones that turned up at casting calls. We even all but FORCED Marco to audition actually. Now, this isn’t to say that even if we did have enough, I wouldn’t be in there somewhere. I love acting and I’ve been doing it on and off for 20 years now. And what’s the point of writing movies if you can’t give yourself a part?

I would cast myself in a cameo role, but in a small part. A background extra, if you will.

I see your publicist is telling me to go home… Mike, tell me and every fan of Earth Day, what can we expect in Earth Day 2: Holidays of the Dead and what comes next after Earth Day 2, will we see Earth Day 3 or will you move away from the zombie genre?

Expect a wider scope. Earth Day clocks in at 27 minutes. We’ve got 9 segments, running anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes a piece. We’re expanding on the world, bringing our heroes out of the college and into the world. This is part 2 of 3. At its heart, beyond being a social commentary about how incompetent and annoying humanity is, the Earth Day trilogy is Jed’s hero story, and part 2 is his realization of that fact. It’s his Empire Strikes Back. Expect bigger. Expect a musical number or two. Oh and expect a touch of hazmat porn.

And before you go I just want to say, I really enjoyed Mr. Body. It’s one of my all time favorite shorts. And you also have a book out called Freak. Tell the good people about it and any last words before you head back to the film set?

Thank you so much! That’s awesome that you like it! Mr. Body was a lot of fun. It was our first venture into horror comedy and it sparked this new era of Two Matts movies. I do have a book called Freak available at and It’s different than our film work. It’s the story of a guy living his life surrounded by superheroes and how he copes with being the only non-power in the city. Check it out when you get a chance.

As far as final words, I can’t wait to get Earth Day 2 out into the public. It’s gonna be a good time. It’s been really fun to make. We obviously won’t have the entire thing ready for DZFF this year, but we plan on premiering at least 1 or 2 of the segments during the festival.

Thanks again for your time and look for Earth Day 2: Holidays of the Dead coming soon!

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Talk Without Rhythm Podcast - Episode 229: Planet of the Apes (1968), Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970), and Santo contra la mafia del vicio (1970)

This week on Talk Without Rhythm I’m joined by Dr. Zom of Silva and Gold as we discuss 1968′s Planet of the Apes and 1970′s Beneath the Planet of the Apes. I’m also continuing my El Año Del Santo when I watch 1970′s Santo contra la mafia del vicio.




[02:03] SonOfOdin’s Podcast Promo


[35:10]  Santo contra la mafia del vicio (1970)

[42:08] Planet of the Apes (1968)

[01:28:14] Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

[02:01:53] FEEDBACK

[02:08:38] ENDING MUSIC: The Forbidden Zone by The Misfits

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